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older golden retriever laying on ground

Nurturing Senior Pets

As the years pass, our furry companions will experience changes. They may move a bit slower, you might notice a…

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small overweight dog walking in grass

Weight & Obesity

Obesity in pets is seen as a silent health crisis: over 50% of pets carry excess weight, a staggering number…

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large white dog being scanned for microchip


What is Microchipping? Microchipping is a safe and simple procedure that helps protect the bond you have with your pet….

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small bulldog puppy sleeping in woman's arms

Pet Insurance

Why Pet Insurance Is So Important Pets bring joy and learning, and also curiosity-caused accidents and stress—you can’t predict the…

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black tuxedo cat outside beside plant

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Pets Too! Does your pet sneeze more when the sun is shining, and find relief during…

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close up of tick removal from dog

Parasite Prevention

Did you know? Fleas and ticks can survive in Canada year round! Protect your pet by using preventative medication and…

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vet examining dog's teeth

Pet Dental Health

Keep Your Pet’s Pearly Whites From Getting Furry Just as humans need to brush their teeth and get regular dental…

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